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Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo team up to make one great romantic comedy. These two have some great on screen chemistry and I think both have the right stuff for romantic comedies, neither one is to serious or to funny just the right mix of both to make a quality movie with some love and some laughs. And don’t worry they thrown in Napoleon Dynamites (Jon Heder) who adds some extra funny to the movie.

The basis of the movie is about Elizabeth (Witherspoon) whose life is her work as a doctor. She never dates because she is always at work, when her sister sets her up on a blind date, everything seems like it will go her way, but on her way to the date she gets into an accident. David (Ruffalo) is a depressed man who just wants to find an apartment with a comfy couch and drink his days away.

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He of course lands in Elizabeth’s apartment where he will soon find that she wasn’t ready to leave it yet. She keeps showing up scaring him and soon the two have to deal with the fact that neither one wants the other in the apartment.

The two constantly bicker and humorous situations blossom from their arguments. The pair eventually start to become friends and David agrees to help Elizabeth solve the mystery of who she is and what happened to her. They go on a journey that keeps you laughing and will even touch your heart.

A great movie if you and your significant other want to curl up on the couch and snuggle, laugh and maybe even cry. The movie has lots of surprises, from David performing surgery with Elizabeth’s guidance on a man who is stricken ill in a restraint. You will laugh out loud as David seems to ask questions to himself and is surprised that he is a “Doctor”. Jon Heder has a cameo appearance as a book store clerk who can sense the presence of spirits and at all times is surprisingly right on the money. He is very funny and did a great job of not getting pigeon holed as the Napoleonic figure.

This movie is for the whole family, everyone will be cheering on David and Elizabeth on their tumultuous journey to get her spirit back to her body. All the lovers will enjoy this movie and probably have some tears well up in their eyes as the two lovers are drawn together, will they have the story book ending?